Creative branding and graphic design

Hi. You've arrived at our 'About Us' section...

...The thing is though, it's not about us at all.  It's about you.

Inkwell Studio is an independent Tauranga based design studio with a knack for creative problem solving. We don't just make things that look nice, but actually perform, so you can make your money back (and then some). Whether it's a full brand identity or just a postcard we always take an inspired approach to the design. We're a pleasure to deal with, too – to our clients, we're not just a vendor but an extension of their creative department. In many instances, we are the creative department.

We have one purpose; to make you look good, and make sure the spotlight falls squarely on your brand. Our friendly, commercially savvy designers are at your service and on your side. It’s not just about getting great results (although clients do), but about meeting the business objectives of the project. It’s also about enjoying the process. There’s no hard sell, but we will gently challenge you in the best interests of the project and it's purpose.

We're an un-agency.

No extra account management layers or big agency overheads here. You deal directly with the experienced designers and thinkers who are actually working on your project and have heard the brief straight from the source. While Chinese Whispers was a fun game at primary school, we find clear communication gets better results.

Whether you’re a brand challenger, sick of following the leader, or a leader, tired of resting on your laurels – come talk to us.


How we do what we do

Meet & Identify

After first meeting with you (or emailing/calling for non-locals) and asking more questions than you'd think necessary, we get to work on the strategy.

We'll use everything you've told us to identify the problem/challenges we need to solve.

Create & Concept

After much brainstorming we'll present our best concepts. Usually three; sometimes more, sometimes less. But – we only show you the best.

Revise & Deliver

We ask you to choose one concept (we know it's hard) and focus on that. There may be a revision or two, but usually it's smooth sailing from here. Once all the deliverables have been signed off on we can help with print and production.

The project may have ended but we won't leave you hanging. We'll check in every now and then and make sure everything is as it should be.


Who we work with

Here's something pretty fantastic:  We've only ever had repeat clients.

With the exception of a couple of tiny one-off jobs, every big project we've worked on has led to a second brief or more. Furthermore, most of our clients come to us via a referral from one of our other clients. We're not a regrettable fling – we're the kind of design studio you take home to meet your mother. We work with people who are looking for a long term relationship and a happily-ever-after for their brand.

We have great partnerships with start-ups and small mum-and-pop stores, as well as government agencies and international brands. If you'd like to meet up and see if we're a good match for your business please do get in touch.

Meet some of our clients; big, small, local and international: